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Besiktas Thrashed By Liverpool

Liverpool had begun its campaign of 2007-2008 with very exclusive style on the basic level.

They had never tasted any defeats. The run was six draws and five victories. And just contrasting to them was the team of Benitez who were declared runners up for the last season. They had been trying to make a point that had left them to require a win against the Besiktas, and to open chance for some others to make their way through the stages of Knockout.

Benitez had begun the game by attacking players such as Crouch and Voronin. They also kept substitutes on the bench that included Ryan Babel, Harry Kewell and Dirk Kuyt. Andriy knew that for him it was soon going to be a deteriorating time after the fixture. Thus, he has decided to take the back of Crouch. He had also been given a chance of deflecting the ball just before his next attempt after having failed once. This time it was going to be from a very close range since his previous attempt being saved. Liverpool had been unable to add upto their stats but had regained their lost confidence.

There was nothing that be like a preparation to what was going to happen after the first half. Undoubtedly their supporters would be very content on seeing a win of 2-0. There was another point scored. That was when Voronin had set up Riise to go for the situation and play along. All that was left was just three minutes that he needed to get the ball that would decide the fate of the match.

The dominant wins of Liverpool made it come through the knockout stages where they also disposed off Arsenal and Inter Milan. However, Benitez had failed to lead the club. The lost to Chelsea in the semi finals and suffered an aggregate of 4-3 defeat.