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Danny Blind reckons what is absolutely necessary For the Dutch

Danny Blind reckons what is absolutely necessary For the Dutch to learn is how to finish off the games.

The manager was moaning the fact that after making it 2-2 from 0-2 against France, the Oranje wasted all the effort by letting the opposition score another one to take the game away.

Blind, however, touched upon the other parts of the game as well especially that initial period where the visitors were slapped two goals.

According to Blind, if his players had been alert enough, those strikes, which got the Netherlands in the position of huge disadvantage so early, could not have been possible

But, at the end, what Blind was finding hard to digest was that once those two goals were made up for and the draw was on the horizon, another bit of carelessness from the Dutch let another ball get into their post making it 3-2 for France again.

Netherlands had actually levelled up just a minute before, that is in the 86th minute and being lost in the glory, they just did not seem to be there when the opposition counter punched straightaway. It seemed as if the game had already gotten over for them the moment that second goal happened.

Yes, one can understand the mentality they were playing with. They were just chasing the opposition’s lead and once they made it all even, the focus deviated, but, good oppositions need only that little bit of sniff to make you pay.

And, that’s what Blind actually meant when he said there’s a need to learn to finish off the games. You can’t take the foot off until the game is literally closed. Friendly matches, yes nobody remember them, but, then, these are the matches you can learn from the most.