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  1. TheMCDoMo14
    TheMCDoMo14 August 16, 2010

    hes a professional footballer and most likely you’s aren’t, so shut the fuck up!

  2. gabrymen
    gabrymen August 16, 2010

    iยดm just saying that you talk too much, get a life man, stop tryitng to be the center of attencion… an there is one more thing i have to say: doude to you be like one of theese players you have to kill yourself and reborn

  3. gvhage
    gvhage August 16, 2010

    @gabrymen Hahaha grow up, kid…
    and be honoust… he’s not even close to where everybody thought he would be!

  4. gabrymen
    gabrymen August 16, 2010

    @gvhage shut up you dumm fuck, go get a life motherfucker and stop trying to talk bad about good players.

  5. SuperSquirters2
    SuperSquirters2 August 16, 2010

    who knew he’d grow up to be such a shit player.

  6. gvhage
    gvhage August 16, 2010

    Wow .. he’s just as good with his left then as he is now…..

  7. GeoXAwesome
    GeoXAwesome August 16, 2010

    he may not be the best player. but he’s good, and you guys cant do what he does.

    You should respect them for what they’ve reached.

  8. thebaronofbarons1
    thebaronofbarons1 August 16, 2010

    if he spent less time learning how to do a million kick ups with one foot and more time learning about the actual game he cud have been a great player…!

  9. steevyp
    steevyp August 16, 2010

    who is this kid? i hope liverpool sign him!

  10. MHNA95
    MHNA95 August 16, 2010

    He is crap now

  11. 480charlton
    480charlton August 16, 2010

    very boring really

  12. TheNottifyOne
    TheNottifyOne August 16, 2010


  13. GoesWithTheNameOfGTJ
    GoesWithTheNameOfGTJ August 16, 2010

    Mitchel Donald staat ook in de ranglijst, aight!

  14. MPot5
    MPot5 August 16, 2010

    2:21 zo zie je niet dat ie 12 is. je zou bijna denken de babel van nu. haha

  15. bisogno69
    bisogno69 August 16, 2010

    I think with babel we (lfc) didnt fuck him up but bought him at a delicate time i think if we waited a year or two he could have pretty good not just pace shame.

  16. zuppayannick
    zuppayannick August 16, 2010

    Jammer dat zo’n grote talent als hij zijn tijd verspilde in Liverpool.

    Too bad that a big talented player as Babel wasted his time in Liverpool

  17. Kicaj15
    Kicaj15 August 16, 2010

    @DittBess i’m not from england and i can’t write english excelent but you don’t judge me if you don’t know how i can play ๐Ÿ™‚ And i finish this horrible conversation with you! Zidane 4ever!

  18. DittBess
    DittBess August 16, 2010

    @Kicaj15 well i think that first of all, learn to write. and second, think bfore you write. its not about how many kick ups you can take but how you play. your stamina and style of play, so come back when u have some more knowledge.

  19. choclatesaltyballz
    choclatesaltyballz August 16, 2010

    the most right sided player ever

  20. Kicaj15
    Kicaj15 August 16, 2010

    @JIxUSTICE Noo…lol how i can contrast with him!? He is one of the best players in the world but when i see that ryan babel kick ups same as me i feel so good :] I will never contrast with him..That only dreams

    JIxUSTICE August 16, 2010

    @Kicaj15 and that means your better then him ?? hahaha I don’t think so

  22. Andi12345671
    Andi12345671 August 16, 2010

    @THug0001 ???????????? you are certainly not one of this persons who arent taking everything serous….

  23. THug0001
    THug0001 August 16, 2010

    @Andi12345671 lol boy grow up and try to understand that there are some guys livin’ in the world who are not taking everything very serious…. i’m german.. but my father is a manc man… so dont talk to me like u would understand anything… pricky

  24. Kicaj15
    Kicaj15 August 16, 2010

    @Andi12345671 lol ๐Ÿ˜› Do you think that i can play ?:] I playing football every day and i am quite good ๐Ÿ™‚ But i kick ups and freestyle when i am boring…

  25. Andi12345671
    Andi12345671 August 16, 2010

    @THug0001 hmm da fehlen wohl nen paar englisch vokabeln^^

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