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  1. SirPerovic
    SirPerovic April 4, 2012

    Rafa Benitez and Hodgson are a pure incompetece! I’m sorry it did not go to Arsenal you grow up with Wenger. Go Babel, show your big talent

  2. Christoffski
    Christoffski April 4, 2012

    There is a delay between what Babel’s brain is thinking of doing and what his body is actually doing. I think the pace of the premiership is too fast for him. This is why I like Loic Remy. Remy is very instinctive and powerful.

  3. krholl626
    krholl626 April 4, 2012

    2nite when he came on i thought he played well , good cross for the goal and showed he can beat a man, Keep it up ryan and u’ll start against city ! hopefully

  4. Seabo48
    Seabo48 April 4, 2012


  5. MountRushCollymore
    MountRushCollymore April 4, 2012


    2nd song is ‘Tear Drop’ by Massive Attack

  6. ddaulet
    ddaulet April 4, 2012

    1st one is “paul van dyk – nothing but you”
    what about 2nd one

  7. ddaulet
    ddaulet April 4, 2012

    song ,song,both,please,

  8. HewzyLFC
    HewzyLFC April 4, 2012

    wish he played like that for us!! come on babel sort it out.

  9. MountRushCollymore
    MountRushCollymore April 4, 2012

    WHat is the song please? good vid

  10. tibdorjay
    tibdorjay April 4, 2012

    he is pure class, if rafa keeps playin him, for sure he the next henry, juss look at the video. woww…

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