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At a certain period in time Liverpool were favorites on winning the previous season as they were only a few points away from claiming the league title but a series of disappointing results saw the team of Brendan Rodgers falling to 2nd place as Manchester City got ahead of them.

It still was a fairly impressive season for Liverpool as they secured a Champions League spot but Rodgers revealed that the squad still needs significant strengthening needed to be done before the start of the next season which kicks off in August.

Some of the major targets of Rodgers in this summer Barcelona’s Pedro and Southampton’s Adam Lallana.

Luis Enrique was revealed to be the new coach of Barcelona and he stated that a number of changes will be done in the squad which means that the future of certain players is in doubt.

Enrique said: ‘’the players must know that you cannot let a year pass at Barca. If they are not at the level required then there will be changes. We will reinforce the team in the best way possible, to be as competitive as possible. There is a market there teams ask a lot of money for players. You must manage it all. We will reinforce, maybe in all lines of the team, to have the best players for the club and for me’’.

Pedro Rodriguez played an important role in the last season of Barcelona which is why it will be more difficult for Liverpool to secure his services however with the arrival of Enrique into the club, just about anything can happen.

Adam Lallana from Southampton is on the wish list of Brendan Rodgers as he is going to have meetings and discussions with the player as well as his agent in the next few weeks when the summer transfer window officially opens.