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  1. xjunker
    xjunker August 10, 2010

    i actually like dis one???? – but please rap in english next time babel!

  2. aswinking10
    aswinking10 August 10, 2010

    O.o he was wasted talent at liverpool, should of became a rapper instead

  3. AlphaCusWien
    AlphaCusWien August 10, 2010

    respect babael raps good !

  4. p14y2w1n
    p14y2w1n August 10, 2010

    i prefer the talksport translation

  5. pie0eater
    pie0eater August 10, 2010

    @TheDe7ohn Because you can’t translate lyrics.

  6. BIGjord7
    BIGjord7 August 10, 2010

    Ryan babbel lad

  7. ThePaperTongue
    ThePaperTongue August 10, 2010

    No caviar for us, Surinamese eat chicken. what a line

  8. OldskoolSource
    OldskoolSource August 10, 2010

    Honestly, if you understand dutch(cus it still has difference even when you translate it).. he isn’t THAT bad, pretty good.. better then half of the rappers that are serious with their job xd

  9. scofild619
    scofild619 August 10, 2010

    Thumbs up for CLOCKY

  10. TheDe7ohn
    TheDe7ohn August 11, 2010

    ternyata Ryan BabeL (LiverPooL) seorang Rapper

    Rapping is pretty alright but the text is ridiculous. . .

  11. eazyduzitcpt
    eazyduzitcpt August 11, 2010

    thank fuck we sold him.

  12. AshCHAMP19NS
    AshCHAMP19NS August 11, 2010

    Obviously most the shit hes sayin aint true yeah, we all no that
    but still, I give him credit he aint as shit as i thought he would be lol

  13. gregjasa368
    gregjasa368 August 11, 2010

    the clipse – virginia instrumental

  14. missprettytiffany
    missprettytiffany August 11, 2010

    omg nice beat! check out this artist i just ran into . hes hot!

    Bankroll Charm$-Pocket Full of Money (Prod: TwanBeatMaker)

  15. KOkingnufc07
    KOkingnufc07 August 11, 2010


  16. emieldegraaf
    emieldegraaf August 11, 2010

    babel sucks, watch other 101barz like fresku, keizer priester, bangbros and stuff

  17. mrtoomy
    mrtoomy August 11, 2010

    @adamstach1 If that’s what you honestly think, your gay.

  18. mrtoomy
    mrtoomy August 11, 2010

    @MrCopey18 ROFL yah

  19. mrtoomy
    mrtoomy August 11, 2010

    I’ve been on the bench for mad games at liverpool,
    now I don’t know what to do cos I’ve never bin to school,
    I kinda suck at rap my accent aint sick at all,
    hard to kick a punch, like it’s hard to kick a ball,
    these english hoes dont really dig somalian guys,
    so I stay at home piling on mad carbs from all the fries.


  20. mrtoomy
    mrtoomy August 11, 2010

    @playinbout LOL!

  21. ThaGansgtaNWA
    ThaGansgtaNWA August 11, 2010


  22. playinbout
    playinbout August 11, 2010

    *Translation* Benitez bought me, realised I was crap so he kept me on the bench.
    He couldn’t;t fix my football skills even with a wrench.
    End of story. I suck at football and somehow comparable to a tool!

  23. ewoudable
    ewoudable August 11, 2010

    why you say this song is shit is you cant even understand what he says, you huys are so freaking low, this songs owns

  24. 360Arshavin
    360Arshavin August 11, 2010

    He used to “Fuck with the whole liverpool team, no wonder why he is shit.

  25. saramhussain
    saramhussain August 11, 2010

    pity he was fucking shite for liverpool

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