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  1. aizat27
    aizat27 August 22, 2011

    Babel scored 2 goals with his back. Even Ronaldo can’t do that!

  2. JamzzFX
    JamzzFX August 22, 2011

    Shouldn’t have let you go lad

  3. Passion4CoolMusic
    Passion4CoolMusic August 23, 2011

    this vid is emotional ;'(

  4. ru55ph1ll1p5
    ru55ph1ll1p5 August 23, 2011

    what’s everyone on about? he had 1 good game in 5 or 6.

  5. steffenbieber
    steffenbieber August 23, 2011

    RYAAAAAn. Best Hoffenheim player! Youre on my shirt RB10!

  6. Pwnererful
    Pwnererful August 23, 2011

    i never really quite understood how you never made it at lfc.. easily the most skillful player in that team, and still would be if you were playing for us. Good Luck 🙂

  7. zuugz
    zuugz August 23, 2011

    Already miss you Ryan <3 YNWA

  8. xViiRuZzOnlinee
    xViiRuZzOnlinee August 23, 2011

    you can see how much LFC loved Babel, shame Benitez was too blind to see his class. Also, a better player than Stuart Downing! If Torres was worth 50, he was easily worth 60!

  9. ngmvpelite
    ngmvpelite August 23, 2011

    we shouldve have sold ngog and not babel although he was a very marketable player for decent money at the time who helped us het carroll and suarez. still ngog is shit and babel is alot better. in actuallity babel is worth wayyy more than 8 million. if he had a good season he’d definitely be more than 20 million.
    I <3 you babel and i hope you become the worlds best attacker! GOODLUCK!

  10. dwaynedcr
    dwaynedcr August 23, 2011

    Why he left liverpool again?

  11. JonnyJackass493
    JonnyJackass493 August 23, 2011

    Back when we were good… i loved u at lfc i also worked in zoo bar liverpool you were always in there ahah all the best at hoffenheim

  12. Altairescu
    Altairescu August 23, 2011

    Good player. Nice guy. Best wishes, Ryan! YNWA!

  13. burzumfatal
    burzumfatal August 23, 2011

    We miss U Rayaan !! 🙁

  14. majestic93
    majestic93 August 23, 2011

    I hope you learn a lot at Hoffenheim and that if functions like a loan deal, so that you can come back to Liverpool again. We would have needed you on the left side this year; not to mention striker. Perhaps we wouldn’t have needed to pay the insane £35 million for Carroll either.

  15. naijanded
    naijanded August 23, 2011

    NGOG, should have gone instead of ryan, this guy i toooo fuckingg sick!.. that is all!!

  16. WhosAyden
    WhosAyden August 23, 2011


  17. gregdickson75
    gregdickson75 August 23, 2011

    Totally agree was always waiting for it to be Ryan’s season but never given a chance

  18. gregdickson75
    gregdickson75 August 23, 2011

    @busteddon Totally agree was always waiting for it to be Ryan’s season but never given a chance

  19. gregdickson75
    gregdickson75 August 23, 2011

    Totally agree was always waiting for it to be Ryan’s season but never given a chance

  20. Humanrito
    Humanrito August 23, 2011

    such a great player

  21. busteddon
    busteddon August 23, 2011

    Ryan is a great professional. Even when he doesn’t get to play, he doesn’t whine. Ryan, I just wanna say thank you for everything. Majority of us Liverpool fans appreciated your efforts and could see your potential. It’s a shame the managers didn’t give you enough playing time. In a way, I’m sorry Liverpool kinda destroyed your potential to be one of the world’s brightest stars. Look at Euro U21 2007(I think), you took the world by storm.Showed how good you are. All the best at Hoffenheim, YNWA

  22. 7staredu
    7staredu August 23, 2011

    Ryan Babel you’re a very good player and its a shame Liverpool Benitez didn’t give you the time, opportunities, and support to succeed! Liverpool has lost an incredible talent! Look at how Nani has been brought up by Fergie at United. If Benitez wasn’t such a clown Babel would have succeeded at Liverpool! Anyways no matter what Babel keep your head up! You’ll show your worth man!

  23. larney1234
    larney1234 August 23, 2011


  24. Viktor1993100
    Viktor1993100 August 23, 2011

    To bad he’s gone, could have been great.. ;s we will be sorry when be sucseeds in another big club and raises his value to 30m..

    YNWA Babel!

  25. rushtonian
    rushtonian August 23, 2011

    to think hes gone, its so weird…

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