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  1. samg013
    samg013 August 8, 2011

    his bag is open lol

  2. MatzeKnop90
    MatzeKnop90 August 8, 2011

    Buonasera πŸ˜€

  3. Ali69970
    Ali69970 August 8, 2011

    @JaniceRB Thx:)

  4. JaniceRB
    JaniceRB August 8, 2011

    @Ali69970 It’s not out yet πŸ˜‰

  5. JaniceRB
    JaniceRB August 8, 2011

    @FabregasThe Die filmt waarschijnlijk :p

  6. Ali69970
    Ali69970 August 8, 2011

    Can anybody send me a Link to the tune? I Don’t find it

  7. legendaryajax
    legendaryajax August 9, 2011

    @legendaryajax yea well what can I say i cant respect that the clubs buy all our best players last six years : Sneijder Van der Vaart Nigel de Jong Heitnga Stekelenburg Vermalen Ibrahimovic Pienaar Suarez Babel Huntelaar probaly i still forget some but if we had still those players we could win the Champions League…. but yea anyway goodluck this season I like liverpool especially Steven Gerrard that man is a legend

  8. FabregasThe
    FabregasThe August 9, 2011

    Waar is E.Braafheid?

  9. Zo0oMeRz
    Zo0oMeRz August 9, 2011

    @legendaryajax Was he given a proper chance to even say he failed out our club? πŸ™
    But I agree with the second comment God damn Suarez is pure class! Ajax has the best academy and ALWAYS produces the best talent! Respect to that club!

  10. legendaryajax
    legendaryajax August 9, 2011

    @Zo0oMeRz Lol how can you miss him ? he failes at your club you have suarez now so dont worry m8 suarez for president !

  11. Passion4CoolMusic
    Passion4CoolMusic August 9, 2011

    i wish you didnt leave liverpool. big mistake we had plently of players that should have gone instead of you!! like ngog, cole, jovanivic etc.

    well good luck ryan!!

  12. stephendngn
    stephendngn August 9, 2011

    Good luck over there bro.! Looks like your enjoying it.! You deserve it. YNWA..!

  13. traceurDEDE
    traceurDEDE August 9, 2011

    who’s filming?

  14. Pre4ch4
    Pre4ch4 August 9, 2011

    Great Video. Please more of that Stuff. Good to have your here in Hoffenheim. This Season will be yours πŸ˜‰

  15. Thugsta96
    Thugsta96 August 9, 2011

    Andy Black.. HAHA Ryan’s da bomb.

  16. blackghost10sg
    blackghost10sg August 9, 2011

    you seems happy, good luck dude! love from YNWA!!!

  17. Zo0oMeRz
    Zo0oMeRz August 9, 2011

    Ryan Babel! We miss you at Liverpool :(. Hope you the best in your career mate!

  18. orkan84
    orkan84 August 9, 2011

    @376ers he wasn’t good enough, thank god he’s gone. liverpool have enough problems getting rid of dead wood as it is

  19. majfunkmeister
    majfunkmeister August 9, 2011


  20. 376ers
    376ers August 9, 2011

    why the fuck you leave LIverpool man under kenny daglisht i think he will let you play, i hope you play again in liverpool you rocks

  21. MidoAkAGangsta4life
    MidoAkAGangsta4life August 9, 2011

    Good video!!! “Andy Black” that cracked me up.

  22. 1Vedadification9
    1Vedadification9 August 9, 2011

    more those videos… amazing!

  23. fib8fiml8fibfiml
    fib8fiml8fibfiml August 9, 2011

    great video! from urayasu japan

  24. AnthonyLFC0830
    AnthonyLFC0830 August 9, 2011

    Good video Ryan, I wished you did one of these vids when you was at Liverpool

  25. Andr3djp
    Andr3djp August 9, 2011

    0:55 Buonasera ! und Ryan 5 min. spΓ€ter Buonasera :DD un der Typ checkt nix :DD

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