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  1. rockandrolleracdc
    rockandrolleracdc September 25, 2010

    Hes sick love him

  2. shiftfloater
    shiftfloater September 25, 2010

    wasted talent, shld have come to arsenal. Wenger would have groomed him to thierry henry

  3. ngubod16
    ngubod16 September 25, 2010

    If he was given as many chances as Lucas, he woulda reached his potential by now, like Lucas. Even N’gog got given more chances than him, and look what happened – Ngog couldnt stop scoring for us at the start of the season when Torres was out. Feel he woulda played a lot better under kenny as with the whole team. We keep losing largely underated players such as him, Benayoun, Alonso and their replacements have been worse imo.

  4. garethowens48
    garethowens48 September 25, 2010

    great video. He had so much potential. Maybe a run under kenny would have seen him hit form

  5. 10Turismo50
    10Turismo50 September 25, 2010

    looked a good for the future after his debut season (2007/08) but it just didnt happen for him from their on, some good goals though.

  6. torhz101
    torhz101 September 25, 2010

    Even in Germany, YNWA :'(

  7. arun15sl
    arun15sl September 25, 2010

    As a Liverpool fan I’m sorry things couldn’t work out for him.Watching this video makes me think that we’ll regret selling him but then I remember how many times he has been disappointing when given the chance to impress. I somehow feel that as a club, we let him down; he hasn’t developed at all since 2007…Good luck wherever you go Ryan and I hope you really realise your full potential

  8. chcktylr8
    chcktylr8 September 25, 2010

    so long babel. Good luck at Hoffenheim

  9. TenaciousDM
    TenaciousDM September 25, 2010

    We need to give this guy a run in the team. Every time he impresses, we drop him. Yes he has disappointed at times but he also hasnt been played in his favoured or any position consistently. Sometimes fans need to appreciate a players loyalty. Both him and Lucas get criticised yet they still want to prove themselves at the club and now ppl are thankful to have Lucas.

  10. GSE2009
    GSE2009 September 25, 2010

    @OfficialRyanBabel Wish roy hodgson would start you more, was very good against w ham at home i think or villa, and in the Europa league when given the chances you put on a good show. Torres and Babel Upfront, i hope from now on. always played as a winger which isnt your natural position, Wish roy would see sense..

  11. izaccy
    izaccy September 25, 2010

    @BruisedArcade09 We dont need him.
    we got Nani, who was match winner today.
    but LFC need some changes if they want to be around us
    and the top team. Tottenham have now taken over your rule at the top.

  12. BruisedArcade09
    BruisedArcade09 September 25, 2010

    @izaccy Babel is not the best technical player in Liverpool, he’s not even 2nd or 3rd..He’s had so many chances to impress but failed every time! hope we sell him to whoever you support and then you can see how crap he really is!

  13. izaccy
    izaccy September 25, 2010

    Man every time i see Babel´s talent
    I get angry LFC bench Agger and Babel
    then they deserve to loose their games
    make sense.

  14. izaccy
    izaccy September 25, 2010

    @BruisedArcade09 WTF..
    Babel is the best technical player in Liverpool
    im not even lfc fan but i know that.
    wtf.. i guess u rather favor Jovanovic
    enjoy that shit

  15. PainBoy13
    PainBoy13 September 25, 2010

    Nice video 🙂
    he’s a great player that need more chances !
    and I just checked Ryan Babel’s Twitter, and his posted the link of this video 🙂

  16. BruisedArcade09
    BruisedArcade09 September 25, 2010

    @spidakid87 Do we watch the same player?

  17. BlackJBond
    BlackJBond September 25, 2010

    Scored more goals than i thought, this guy really needs to get some more starts upfront with torres.

  18. spidakid87
    spidakid87 September 25, 2010

    @BruisedArcade09 who r u referring to because babel is probably the most technical player @ liverpool.

  19. rp530york
    rp530york September 25, 2010

    if only aqualani hadn’t left.

  20. SuperMrDutch
    SuperMrDutch September 25, 2010

    He actually tweeted this video, such a cool video. And also a very good player, one of my favourits!

  21. MrOossie
    MrOossie September 25, 2010

    Wow, amazing compilation. Congrats!

  22. chilakalaka
    chilakalaka September 25, 2010

    ryan babel brought me here! Favourite liverpool player

  23. OfficialRyanBabel
    OfficialRyanBabel September 25, 2010

    @BruisedArcade09 Thats cuz ur a hater lol

  24. BruisedArcade09
    BruisedArcade09 September 25, 2010

    has the touch of a rapist! the ballance of bambi! I am a liverpool fan and i think he’s shiteeeeeee

  25. fistofpeanuts
    fistofpeanuts September 25, 2010

    strong player …

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