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  1. xTLzZ
    xTLzZ August 8, 2010

    @philrees12 how is he an awful player? u dumb fat scouser.. i bet u think kuyt is better than him??

  2. xTLzZ
    xTLzZ August 8, 2010

    i dnt know how liverpool sold babel.. liverpool fans are just dummb, they lost the flare because they’ve been beniterized.. FOOLS

  3. MixMastaOutlaw
    MixMastaOutlaw August 8, 2010

    how could liverpool sell him? 🙁 Y.N.W.A.

  4. gekketeun85
    gekketeun85 August 8, 2010

    Ryan babel stuurt mij hier via twitter

  5. busteddon
    busteddon August 8, 2010

    You guys didn’t compile this. I’ve seen the same exact montage by other youtubers. I don’t know who did the original. Point being, don’t claim “We’ve compiled a special montage of Babel’s best bits in a Liverpool shirt” as such in your description. Give credit when it;s due. You can get sued.

  6. philrees12
    philrees12 August 8, 2010

    wouldn’t say this is his best of, it is just all his Liverpool goals, awful,awful player. And i’m a liverpool fan

  7. aboyinspain
    aboyinspain August 8, 2010

    @tbabaeniyan haha envy

  8. talpafan2009
    talpafan2009 August 8, 2010

    pure zelfbevlekking

  9. LFCTommie
    LFCTommie August 8, 2010

    Ryan Babel himself sent me here, twitter.

  10. michaelegan5112
    michaelegan5112 August 8, 2010

    lfc legend… good man ryan

  11. AdAmCoDMw2
    AdAmCoDMw2 August 8, 2010

    thumbs up if ryan babel sent u here

  12. tbabaeniyan
    tbabaeniyan August 8, 2010

    This is my fear.
    Watch this and you’ll think Babel is some worldclass superstar worth £35M. But in real life, he’s not half as good.
    Hope the same doesn’t apply to all the players we are chasing ie Perotti, Gervinho, Marin, etc!

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