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Ryan Babel Posts

Babel Talks about Van Dijk and Ballon d’Or

Ryan Babel, the Netherland player says that Virgil van Dijk is going to be a worthy candidate for the Ballon d’Or of 2019. Van Dijk, the player from Liverpool has shown himself to be one of the best defenders of the world as he made a move from Southampton to Liverpool with £75m in the month of January of 2018. It helped in changing the porous backline of previous time to the meanest in Europe.

The twenty-seven-year-old player had been a primary factory in Liverpool as they secured ninety-seven points this term in the Premier League. While this has only been a finish in the second place, he along with his teammates put an end to the season as the winners of the Champions League. These achievements seem to have convinced Babel, the fellow Dutchman who is a former player of Liverpool that his colleague should be a candidate to run for an individual prize in the Ballon d’Or.

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Ryan Babel Talks About His Future In Besiktas

Besiktas contract at the end of the season will end the Dutch star Ryan Babel, spoke to the press of his country. Speaking about the future of Besiktas star striker, “My contract with Besiktas ends at the end of the season and I do not know what the future will show,” he said.

Ryan Babel, whose future in Besiktas remains uncertain, spoke to the Dutch press and made statements about his active participation in social media.

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Besiktas Manager Mahmutyazıcıoğlu’nda Explains Babel Might Be Out Of The Squad

The Beşiktaş executive, connecting to the live broadcast of AsistAnaliz Radyo had stated that the fans are pretty right about Babel. According to him, there is no footballer or club who is bigger than Besiktas club and they want to defend them from Babel. He says that they are going to evaluate and is going to give him the necessary punishment.

Dawn Mahmutyazıcıoğlu spoke about the bill of 2 million pounds and said that he has been with his partner since 2013. Also, he mentions that he hasn’t yet been a member of the board of directors. He made a contract of six million pounds and didn’t think that he is going to turn out the administrator during that time. He had been released from all of the cases. He had not been an administrator when some lawsuits had been finished and he wasn’t an administrator and after he became the administrator. He is known to have given up his rights to give up the receivables and have made a discount from the partner. Besiktas has been allocated for the year.

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Ryan Babel somehow continues being in the radar of clubs

Ryan Babel is one of those players who had a bright future but after every season and year passed by; the Dutch performer could never live up to the initial expectations of his younger years.

It was because of these expectations of having a promising career that the English Premier League club opted to offload €11 million in securing the services of a player who at that time was 20 years old, this was 11 year ago and at that point in time, Babel was the 3rd most expensive signing ever.

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